Rat Race Event Entry Cancellation Process


When you sign up for a Rat Race event we are determined to get you on the start line even when life throws up its own obstacles such as injury, illness, family commitments etc. Over the years we have constantly developed a system that we feel gives RatRacers great flexibility while allowing Rat Race to offer great value with a pricing structure that rewards those that commit early and/or as a team.

Solo entries are not transferable to another person – you can’t give or sell your entry to anyone else. If you can’t make an event, you can get an Event Credit Voucher to the value of your original entry fee less 15% (minimum cancellation charge of £15 applies). Simply go through our event transfer system at least 10 days before the event date, pay the £15 fee and you will be issued with an Event Credit  Voucher for the balance which you or another person can use towards next year’s event (or any other Rat Race event).

If you have purchased a team of 5 or more runners, you can add or change team members up to 10 days before the event.

*TEAMS CAN CHANGE TEAM MEMBER NAMES FOR FREE. Participant name changes will remain to be free for those that are a member of a team of 5+ as we want to make sure the awesome team captains can continue to administer their team members with ease in their event account.

Rat Race do not offer refunds for non-attendance but we offer what we believe is a process that is clear and easy for all concerned, keeps administration to a minimum and rewards those that are in teams and/or enter early. We think it is a fair deal.

For further information please see the FAQs on your event page. For full details of our terms and conditions please see here. To process your transfer please follow this link.