Share the link with your friends and family so they can follow your progress and hopefully cheer you along!


RaceDrone tracking operates using your smartphone to share your GPS location as you run. When set up correctly your battery should last throughout the event, sharing your location with supporters as you go. We completed the run with an iPhone, finishing with 22% battery remaining after 16+ hours of running.

You can install the RaceDrone mobile phone app. The app has a one-off cost of £2 (Android) or £3 (Apple). The app can be used at a future event of any kind. The cost to be tracked on an individual event is just £5.

When you sign up for tracking at this event you will be shown a weblink so you can check the network coverage maps from  EE/O2/Three/Vodaphone. If there is no coverage, or poor coverage, in sections then you will not be tracked through these sections. The RaceDrone App relies on your phone having a data signal to work.

Please note that RaceDrone is operated by an external provider and is listed here as an addition to the Rat Race The Wall event. All enquires should be directed to RaceDrone here.


To use the mobile app version of RaceDrone to be tracked on The Wall Run, first create a account  (don’t use AOL or Hotmail as they block Race Drone setup emails). Confirm your account from the link you will receive via email. Then;

  • Login to the RaceDrone website with your account username
  • Click Events  > View All events
  • find The Wall Run
  • Scroll to the Right, and click REQUEST ADD
  • Follow the process. Most important to check your mobile network provides coverage in the area of the event. If the network coverage is poor cancel the process, because your mobile phone won’t be able to send your location to the tracking website if it has no signal*. If the coverage is good, Accept the T&Cs and pay the tracking fee

Then download the mobile app, and set it up as per the instructions in the guide you will have received when you registered on the website, along with a 24 hour test URL. If the setup is correct you will see yourself on a map when you view the test URL. Press Stop in the app. On race day remember to press start in the app, and stop on the finish line.

*Note: If your mobile coverage is shown as poor, do not take up the suggestion to hire one of the Race Drone dedicated trackers as one cannot be posted to you in time.