Welcome to stockton river rat race 2016
20th August 2016



This is River Rat Race a 10 or 5km race with a twist. Swim, wade, crawl, climb, jump, splash and run around our urban obstacle course which sees us dive back into the River Tees. Join over 1000 Rat Racers for our wet ‘n’ wild unique running course, linking together many special water and shore based activities at truly iconic venues en route.

The 5km and 10km courses both follow the same outbound route and both take in the Tees Barrage, the famous HM Bark Endeavour Ship jump and the White Water Centre. Take on the full distance, or for those who love the obstacles but hate the running, the 5km route awaits!

As always, no special skills are required, just a pair of trainers and a sense of adventure. Grab your spot on the start line and enter now!


  • Prices are Per Person

  • End of DecemberEnd of December
  • End of JanuaryEnd of January
  • End of FebruaryEnd of February
  • End of MarchEnd of March
  • End of JuneEnd of June
  • End of JulyEnd of July
  • Until EventUntil Event
  • Solo

  • End of December£35
  • End of January£38
  • End of February£40
  • End of March£43
  • End of June£45
  • End of July£49
  • Until Event£55
  • Team

  • of 5

  • End of December£30
  • End of January£33
  • End of February£35
  • End of March£38
  • End of June£40
  • End of July£44
  • Until Event£50
  • Team

  • Of 10

  • End of December£25
  • End of JanuaryCan be extended to 250 Tests£28
  • End of February£30
  • End of March£33
  • End of June£35
  • End of July£39
  • Until Event£45

All prices include VAT at 20% and are subject to an administration fee.

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