Get ready for Survival: Reloaded

2016 is the year we ramp up the volume at the world’s biggest urban adventure race series.  Expect a stunning 10km city-based running route in each of our host venues,  punctuated with 10 unique and challenging Survival obstacle ‘zones’ – each one themed and produced to meticulous Survival standards.  Check out our 2016 zones here. 
Brought to you by Men’s Health and  Rat Race, market leader in Adventure Sports since 2004,  we have the minerals, the machinery and the metal to engineer stunning, gravity-defying obstacles and deliver that ‘Big Event’ experience.  Plus we like to think we have a ‘do-what-the-other-guy-won’t’ attitude, that makes each of these courses truly bespoke to its own location.


Once the race is behind you, grab a drink in our signature beer tent and outdoor beer gardens and enjoy the city-centre vibe in our event villages, with food, music, live MCs plus a free finish line photo. Then bask in the glory of becoming a Survivor.

We’ll see you on the start line. Only the Fittest will Survive.



  • Ever seen those films where there’s a load of firemen manoeuvring a big bag in place for someone who’s jumping off a skyscraper…? Face your fears with our maHOOSive jump from an articulated truck onto the largest airbag in the country. Just don’t look down…

  • Featuring the notorious Survival Wall of Fame plus other signature obstacles including the Renault Crossover Climb Triple Lane Travellator. This zone is the home of big obstacles and big cheers as the crowd gets behind you all the way to the finish line.

  • You’ll need to show an industrial helping of grit as you tackle a tangled mess of steel and construction materials. Some of these will need team-work too, so bring in t’ Unions….

  • Survival is triumph enough.

  • The ubiquitous metal box is a stalwart of international trade and shipping. They happen to make pretty damn fine obstacles too.

  • Our house, in the middle of our street, our house. Yes, this is a full-on house. You won’t be putting out the bins, mowing the lawn or looking out for the Avon Lady, so please don’t leave your shoes at the door.

  • This scaffold-steel based Rig is peppered with hardy challenges, many of them featuring obstacles dangling precariously above our water hazards. Dig deep and cut your way through the Urban Jungle

  • Push, grunt, shove, grunt, lift, grunt, carry, grunt, you get the picture. A full helping of Builder’s Breakfast is likely to get you through this one.

  • Do or do not. There is no try.

  • Does what it says on the tin. Expect a soaking. Features our giant Slip N’ Slide too…

  • A cross between Apocalypse Now, Full Metal Jacket, Dad’s Army and Private Benjamin, our military-inspired zone will have you reaching for your inner Drill Sergeant on more than one occasion…

  • Make like your 13 year old self and treat yourself to inflatable fun, our gigantic ball pool and our ‘new for ’16’ trademark slime pit in a zone that is bristling with fun n’ games….



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