First, second and third prizes available for both male and female participants!

Prizes are available to the winners of Dirty Weekend 2018. To be eligible for these prizes you must be entered into Wave 1 of the event. Please note that no free entry to future events is offered to prize winners.

If you have entered wave 1, chances are you fancy a shot at the silverware and let’s remember there’s cash up for grabs at this event. With cash on offer, we want to make sure we all know the rules up front and Rat Race are keen to ensure we remain as objective as possible about the “race at the front.”

If you are in Wave 1 and you do not feel you are a serious contender for the prizes, but you just want to get to the bar early, hence selecting wave 1, chances are this info does not really apply to you, as you will end up in a group of mates further down the field. Bottom line is – if you are out front and up top of the field, the below applies to you.

So here are the rules, specific to WAVE 1 only:

1.) Safety comes first above all else. Please do not take undue risk with your own safety or those around you. If you are seen to be taking risks, or if a complaint is made against you on safety grounds and if we deem this to be justified, you will be disqualified.

2.) If someone needs help, please assist and/or let the nearest marshal know. It’s only a race and nothing is more important than everyone finishing in one piece.

3.) No cheating. If you are in wave 1, as well as cheating yourself, we really can’t be arsed to get into an argument about it with you. There will be a system of appeals (and a right of response) where you can be reported to the organisers by marshals or by another competitor. If we decide it’s a valid complaint against you, we will disqualify you. Our decision on this will be subjective by its nature, as we may not have been there. But it will be non-negotiable. So please don’t make us have to put you in the naughty corner. We will, and it will be swift and final.

4.) To win the event outright or to place on the podium, you must complete all obstacle zones. This means all, in their entirety. If you skip anything, the appeals system will kick in and if you are caught, you will be hung, drawn and quartered in front of a crowd of your peers. Ok, maybe not this time but you will be disqualified. To be the fastest around the World’s biggest assault course, you really really really must do the whole thing.

5.) You are permitted to receive help from, or to assist, other competitors, in tackling obstacles. You are not permitted help from marshals or 3rd parties however. If a marshal chooses to help of his or her own volition, we will not deem this to be an infringement. A person’s personal judgement as a member of our staff will always be deemed to be acceptable, whatever wave someone is competing in.

6.) Specific rule regarding Water Wipe Out Zone: There is a non-swimmer alternative that is offered at this zone. Wave 1 entrants may take this option, but you will not be eligible for the prizes if you do.

7.) Extra information on World’s Longest Monkey Bars: The monkey bars are very, very, very long. There is an alternative track that is offered in this zone, (crowd barrier lattice which must be hurdled) for those who attempt the monkey bars and fall off at some point along their course. Completion of the zone includes EITHER the completion of all monkey bars, OR requires the commencement of the monkey bars and the completion of the zone via the alternative track.

8.) The Race Director’s decision is final in all matters. The rules laid down here are presented in the spirit of fairness. Clearly over a 20 mile course, we as organisers cannot be everywhere all the time and the marshals are there predominantly for safety; not to be umpires. So please, race hard race fair and DO attempt the whole course.

We are offering the following prizes:

1st Placed Male      £500
1st Placed Female  £500
2nd Placed Male      £250
2nd Placed Female £250
3rd Placed Male      £125
3rd Placed Female  £125

Prize giving
This will be from the main stage – time tbc. All prizes announced on the night are provisional pending final results and the results of any appeals. If you have won something and you wish to be presented with your big cheque on the night in front of a huge crowd, please make your way to the right hand side of the stage at (time tbc) and you will be invited to the stage to receive a trophy and a big cheque. Payments will be made post-event to nominated bank accounts.

All the very very best of luck…!

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