The best way to participate in this event is with a supporter (but support is not essential). Supporters will be able to get you to registration, get you to the start, see you along the route and collect you from the finish.

(Participant support is allowed at all of the pitstops/transitions and checkpoints. Support is not allowed at any other point on the course and participants must carry ALL mandatory kit for the relevant section at ALL times).

For those of you who are participating unsupported we suggest that the following arrangements may work for you.

Register on Saturday and drop your bike at run-to-bike transition (locations TBC).

Utilise Bag Drop at Registration for your bike-to-run transition bag. This bag will be provided at Registration and must be numbered with the label provided. This bag can contain your mandatory kit for the final run section and you can leave your cycling kit in this bag at the bike-to-run transition attached to your bike.

Stay at The Queensferry Hotel.
Those who book a room will be able to leave their car here for the weekend.

Book a transfer bus to the start from The Queensferry Hotel.

Utilise Bag Drop at the Start for Finish bag.

Complete event.

Arrange accommodation in Fort William. There are plenty of options for places to stay in Fort William.

Book bus transfer back to Edinburgh on Monday morning at 9am. This bus will depart from the Fort William Railway Station.

The bus will make 2 stops. The first stop will be the North Queensferry Hotel. This is to enable those who stayed on Saturday night and parked for the weekend to collect their cars.
The second stop will be the Ferrytoll Park & Ride .
All bikes will be transported to the Ferrytoll Park & Ride.
Those people who have parked at the North Queensferry Hotel will need to make the short drive to the Ferrytoll Park & Ride to collect their bikes.